Honestly I'm just trying to start a new/old club. If you would like to join just leave your name in the comments below. My club was made by my old friends a while ago and we didn't really build anything so don't expect much I'm pretty much on Trove every day. Once we get above 10 members we can start to work on getting it leveled and a market for everyone in the club. Anyone can join and help and I don't plan on kicking anyone if they don't help but as long as you're not a nuisance. If your feeling like being helpful since this club has just started back up members can invite as well. So Feel free to invite your own friends. The name of the club is Heores of Trove since my friend accidentally misspelled it a few years back.

I am also looking for a few builders to help build a hub/few structures so that way the club world actually looks decent.