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Thread: Unable to list glacial shards on marketplace.

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    Unable to list glacial shards on marketplace.

    Dear Trion,

    I have been farming Ice Dragon Egg Fragments relentlessly and selling 10s of thousands of Glacial Shards. However, today, I have been unable to list Glacial Shards on the marketplace.

    When I select glacial shards and press "X" it brings up Cinnibar instead.

    I currently have over 10000 glacial shards and I'm still farming them right now. Please fix my account so I can continue to sell them.
    I still have 3 Ice dragon egg fragments to go, at this rate it's going to take over a hundred thousand glacial shards to get them.

    Thanks for your time,

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    I have the same problem but personally I think it's worse because when I press flux it comes up with glim instead and it's been doing this for God knows how long I can't trade I can only create mega flux tanks and I can't pay for anything below 10k or something that ends with anything but 0 I am really annoyed and I hope that trion fix this immediately.

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