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Thread: Why I think a lot of people quit.

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    Wink Why I think a lot of people quit.

    Apart from the obvious reasons (pay to win options, mega grind).

    There is no end game. I think a lot of people are there grinding a way then come to the realization they are grinding for nothing other than to grind more atleast thats where Im at now.

    If there was actual end game pvp in this game it would please 2 major markets in the MMO scene.
    A reason to grind.
    Competitive gameplay.
    And Im sure trion would be happy because competitive pvp means more cash cows.

    I have absolutely no reason to keep playing this game any longer even though I love the game and have spent a small fortune on it. The game is in a pit where its sending out small insignificant updates that attracts no new players as the core of the game stays the same.

    It will be a shame to see this game slowly get smaller and smaller because the lack of foresight the developers seem to have.

    And I'm aware some players who still love the monotony of the game may be offended by this but on the grand scale of things most people are not attracted to this gameplay.

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    Personally, I don't enjoy PVP in MMO games. There's too many factors that contribute to how strong a character is, always players who find ways to "cheat"(ice sage and pirate captain in this case), and usually no way to make teams balanced. If you want good PVP I would not recommend MMOs or social games like Trove.

    However, I think you make a good point about how monotonous Trove is. Unless you break routine with building and hanging out in clubs, 100% of your time goes into jumping from dungeon to dungeon. Adventures made it seem a little more rewarding but the costs of everything in the market and the need for clubits made Pirrot farming almost necessary. There is no way to get 220 quests done in a few hours other wise.

    Hints about the next big update say there will be a change in combat. I would love to see Trove become more cohesive with all aspects of gameplay.

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