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Thread: Chaos megacore.

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    Chaos megacore.

    Already, the fact CC's loot cannot be traded is already lame but getting chaos megacore from golden chaos chest is absolutely lame. Fluxes are so uncommon to loot even with flux relics that it's plain stupid to give so many chaos cores and chaos megacores, all they do is to stack and stack on and on forever. I'm so dang exhausted of looting chaos megacores instead of great loots, and even more exhausted to be forced to loot collect most of the stuff i get out of chaos chests... And over all, exhausted that i can'T do anything with chaos cores because it costs too many fluxes even to look at them for fun. Do something about these, it's a loot crap enough to justify Donald J Trump's decision to prohibit lootboxes into videogames as announced months ago about videogames and gambling.

    Not even yet talkin about the fact empowered gem boxes have gave me like 1 red 3 stars gem in more than a year and that club emp gem boxes contains no good at all. but here i am, talking about it. And what about the fact that some months gives more daily login coins than some others and that i was short of 1 coin to get the sail last month while it costs too much money to just get stupid coins form marketplace. If all you want is money, guys, and always give less for more, maybe you should make donnator-packs where people willingly give money to Trion for coffee and doughnuts outside game's main mechanics.
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    I'm sceptical that the new loot table has carried over. Got a few mega cores myself.

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    Mega Cores are part of the permanent loot table - you can always get them. It's also suggested that you at least visit the Hub briefly to make sure your loot table isn't stuck with whatever world you're in (why this is possible, I don't understand but it's what we were told).

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