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    Dev Q & A thread - February 9, 2018

    Hey all!

    Another week, another livestream question thread! I'm being very good about avoiding spoilers but our next few livestreams should be REAL cool. This week may (or may not) have a ton of new info but there's a lot of awesomeness just on the horizon.

    Let's see those questions, folks!

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    You guys stated in the last stream that you will be slowly buffing most of the classes so my question is will it be solely dps buffs or will we be seeing any mobility changes as well like with the knights class gem ability. This has been a problem for a couple years since a lot of the lower tier classes in this game suffer from either low damage (shadow towers) and or a lack of mobility (uber world farming) a good example of both being the draco and how sluggish his entire kit is. Also will there ever be plans to have the dino tamers ultimate be affected by either the knight subclass or other ms buffs such as prefect penguin or pyrodisc since he is another example of a class with low mobility.
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    Now that you have nerfed the pirrot farm aka cheese will you consider reducing the cost of things from the merchant ? Since it will be a lot harder and more time consuming?

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    Club relate suggestion.
    ① Club exp,
    a:New daily quest contest.
    b:New daily quest tome. (only work for club quest)

    ② Club rent.
    a:With pirriot farm ruined thus will result of lesser clubit donate for rent.
    b:Instead of adding pressure for club to upkeep rent, rework rent targeting individual member.
    c: A lvl 10 club rent for individual should not surpass 1 day amount of clubit earned. (for casual player consideration)

    ③ Club quest,
    a:220 daily can reduce?
    b:Perhaps reduce quest amount and increase the objective and reward per quest.

    Shadow Tower relate suggestion
    ① Purple name
    a:Instead of current top 100 timed, rework to xx number of all 15 classes.
    b:Instead of Dotm, change to Dreadnought for purple name as it is current toughest ST boss.
    c:Unlike Dotm, Dreadnought require teamwork and allow more class option in battle.

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    1. Can we expect any changes or improvements to the current time-gated progression of Trove in the way of Shaper Stars or Empowered Gem Boxes with the new equipment rarity in the horizon?

    Shaper Stars are not a big deal since there's a good trade economy for them, but as for gems... A normal player nowhere near the end-game of Trove can only naturally obtain 15 empowered gem boxes at BEST every week (which is to say that most players don't get that far), with RNG being the biggest factor even when scrapping emp gems to make Stellar Gem Boxes as to why it's so difficult to nearly impossible to progress into the end-game with any reasonable amount of time frame. This is what is creating a big disparity for the player base and the reason why many new players quit.

    2. Is it impossible to suggest that we'll see a change to the damage numbers (both for attacking and receiving) be modified for melee classes? Currently melee classes suffer too much and are not ideal for end-game Ultra Shadow Towers because no matter the amount of health or damage reduction, the number inflation makes it nearly impossible to tank well in the end game.

    As a result of this, a lot of melee classes have been deemed useless in the community for Shadow Towers like Lunar Lancers being the most notable.

    3. In the same vein as #2, some ranged classes do not see a lot of love due to their fickle nature and near-inability to keep up with other damaging classes like Gunslinger. Some of those classes like the Chloromancer, Tomb Raiser, and the Ice Sage fall short.

    Chloromancer due to the class gem being RNG-based with low RNG chances, Tomb Raiser for the simple and finnicky AI, and Ice Sage being the lesser of these due to its survivability but its damage leaves something to be desired.

    4. Will subclasses ever see an improvement?

    Currently only a very few amount of subclasses are worth using like the Lunar Lancer's subclass or the Knight's Subclass. Most of them see no love in many parts due to the useless nature of the bonuses given by these subclasses. It would be nice to see some change in this.

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    Are you guys going to change the way we earn adventurine? Instead of removing the only viable ways to earn it, why dont you fix the problem the quests have? Either do it like a tome system or make the requirements much bigger for hugely improved adv rewards. Going back and forth between worlds 220 times a day takes at least 2 hours to complete but in most cases takes 5 to 6 because worlds crash or the farm gets broken. Then you need another hour or two to setup a new one. This isnt fun for anyone involved. New players aren't going to stick with trove if this is what is expected of them as soon as they join a club for socialization. Please, PLEASE make this a priority to fix. It would put less strain on your servers im sure and make the community much happier. Don't make it a chore for players to complete these quests, make it so they are done at the same time as we run our dungeons, fish or play pvp. Done legitimately, the 60k adv for blocktron would literally take thousands of hours of gameplay. Killing 300 enemies for 30 adv means you would have to kill 600,000 monsters for blocktron, stopping every few minutes to port back to your club and pickup the quest again. (As long as you have an alt there that can save the quest, otherwise its going to take even longer.)

    Please do something about the quest system, it could be so fun working with your clubmates toward a common goal instead of this.

    Maybe do something like player experience earned counts toward the club level and the more you earn for your club you can choose to deposit the exp to level up the club or you can convert the exp farmed to adventurine instead and buy rewards or clubits. If you want to keep the quest system try maybe a combined 5000 kills for the club gets everyone who contributed 5,000 adventurine to spend how they like. Or if you cant figure out how to do that, just turn the quest into a darn tome that we fill up. Just please change it

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    Blocktron would be crazily impossible to get...

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    1. Will us who used millions of flux/dust/bb on gem augmenting get a refund when the patch with lower prices comes out? or are you gonna screw us for trusting you to set the prices right in the first place?
    2. Why is the max club level 11 and not 10?
    3. Will we see longer adventurine quests (Complete 100 dungeons etc) in the future?
    4. Why are invaders still a thing, they give no value else than lag. (Could you revaluate the things it drops)

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    Any spoilers on what the plan is with Dracolyte? In particular - are you planning to make it a full DPS class, a pure tank (such as with the Knight revamp), or keep it a hybrid?

    It seems like many areas in the game desperately need to be populated with new items, but the backlog of items accepted on TroveCreations isn't really being moved through much; are there any plans to add new styles or decorations soon? (Radiant and Shadow decorations in particular.)

    Balefire biome happening soon?

    If the balefire biome is getting released, is Urmhalit expected to go live with it?

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    The club adventure system is almost just right. It just needs a few more changes, those of which I am asking about in this post.
    • Will Club adventures be acceptable from the club UI? Having to load in back and forth all the time really hampers farming efficiency. It'd also be nice if a hero would give out 3 adventures at once so you can get 3 adventures for 1 biome without exploiting npc AI.
    • Will Club xp be made easier to get? All the endgame clubs are already max LvL while the smaller clubs are still lvl 1/2/3 because the XP is given ridiculously slowly if you're doing the adventures as intended.
    • Will Pirrot Lord farming be patched as well? If you're patching Pirrot Revenge farming then Pirrot Lord farming should be patched, too. If you guys don't know what that is it's finding a Pirrot Lord boss npc with the clone ability and killing his clones to complete the quest.
    • Why is the Repose of Heroes so expensive? It has such high rent that the better heroes it gives doesn't even pay for it all.
    • Will there ever be special club-wide adventures? Like, a unified adventure that all members of the club can contribute too. If there was a daily club adventure a club could do to get a big boost of XP and clubits that'd really help out the smaller clubs. This also helps get players into adventures who have no idea how they work otherwise.
    • This is just a hope but please don't tie any of these to your primary club only. Having fixtures and club leveling be tied to primary club would further alienate smaller clubs. Nobody would want to switch off their big endgame club with all the fixtures to grow their smaller club, yeah? It'd be better to have a primary club that gives you your fixtures and a represented club that shows under your name and accepts progress towards club goals and xp.

    I'm really hopeful for the club adventures! Leveling up my small club with my friends has been hella grindy and almost hopeless, sure, but it's also been hella fun. I trust you guys to make it less like pulling teeth and more like planting roses!

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