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    Camera Spinning Issue

    In many cases this is related to a program called Razer Synapse. In those cases you can do these steps to resolve this:
    1. Open Razer Synapse
    2. Click on "STATS"
    3. Open up Settings (Click on the gear symbol)
    4. Disable "Data Tracking"

    If you don't have Razer Synapse, check out these steps for disabling enhanced pointer precision.

    Our thanks to Zerthox for writing this up.

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    I'd like to report this issue still occurring and provide some info about what I believe to be the underlying problem. Or, at least, there is a separate issue with the camera movement that presents similarly to this and isn't affected by Razer Synapse or pointer precision settings.

    It seems that when not in UI mode (cursor not visible) the mouse cursor is not being centered periodically. If you toggle your inventory or another menu you can see that your cursor position changes while you do not have menus open.

    What's going on appears to be that the cursor is reaching the edge of the game window (yes, even in proper fullscreen) and at that point Trove does re-center the cursor, but that centering is also interpreted as camera movement, therefore the camera makes a large instantaneous movement.

    Now, I'm not a programmer so I can only hope that the camera code is not too deeply involved as to make a fix impractical. I see two possible avenues of attack here: a) center the cursor position frequently enough that it's difficult to reach the window border in that interval; b) let the code that interprets camera movement distinguish the artificial resetting of the cursor position, so it can ignore that and eliminate the issue.

    EDIT: actually these are two sides of the same solution, because if the cursor is centered by the game it would have to be excepted from the camera movement code, or the issue remains. It seems like centering does happen at window's edge only, but there are times when it is erroneously processed like natural camera movement. Sometimes it works and sometimes not.

    As a newer player to Trove this issue is super frustrating and while it can be mitigated by turning in-game mouse sensitivity all the way up and using a very low DPI setting on one's mouse, it still does not eliminate the problem, only reduce its occurrence.

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    Hey I have a Razor Mamba and this cam spin is killing me... It happens all the time to me and makes the jumping paths a pain doing solo. Has anything changed since 2014 on how to fix this? Because the information you have in this post is way outdated there's no options like in the image you provided.

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    If you also are confused as to why it's not working even after disabling Razor. Try disconnecting any USB devices that might be affecting your game performance.

    This includes controllers.


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