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Thread: I need some ways of getting glim.

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    Lightbulb I need some ways of getting glim.

    Hello fellow trovians! I was looking at glim on marketplace and did some really confusing math and figured out 3glim= 1 flux. So basicly if i had 3m glim i would have 1m flux. please help me with this so I can get some decent flux per hour.
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    Currently they're around 5 glim = 1 flux when selling in bulk (which, if you want to sell 3m, you will be).

    Anyway, adventurine works. Get into a pirrot farm and/or lord farm, get profits, dump all adventurine into your personal chest, left-click and drag all adventurine into your equipment inventory, use the loot collector, profit. Some people also still have a bunch of celebratory pinatas saved up, so if you can get invited to a celebratory pinata party you can get some pinata coins, which you can do the same thing for.
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