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Thread: Game will not launch

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    Game will not launch

    Today game wont start (the glyph launcher appears, i click to play and it pops an error message), i try to uninstal from steam and instal again and still not working
    Message starts with Result Code: 1 or something and its "minidump" writen in the top of the pop-up.

    I played today in the morning, duno whats going on =/

    i uninstaled from steam, downloaded from the glyph thing and still not working, now when i click play it just pops a message saying it will send the error report.

    now today dailies are gone
    probably tomorroies too

    and i hope it works soon or ill feel bad i bought patron o.O


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    Just an update - THANK GOD i didnt get 1 year patron

    looks like it wont be solved soon
    so ill probably be quitting for good now lol

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    so Is there a fix or?
    I have the same problem

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    maybe play with 32 bits instead of 64 bits , i had the same problem and when i switched to 32 bits i can play

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