1, Ps4 we have not been able to see club tags for months, PC this is not a issue from what I can see.
2, Banning people from clubs is a pain. Can this be added to the drop menu under invite.
3, Building rights is very confusing and needs to be changed to match titles such as member, enforcer etc.
4, Clubs hero randomly resetting quests, you spend your clubits to get the npc you want, spend way to much annoying time emptying the club to get the quest you want up, you do a give away to fill the club up and have a few members who stay in the club to hold the quest you painfully set up. Then the club randomly " glitches " all get dc or a huge lag spike and the club " resets " and the quest changes! You now have a full club and it's a huge pain to clear it out with 20 members all waiting for the quest..
It's a broken system...
5, Kicking members, open club menu, scroll to memebers, select sort by members, scroll to member to kick, select kick from menu, confirm kick... You need to close the screen and start from the start every time you want to kick someone. It can take 30 min to kick 10 people when it should take 10 seconds. This needs to be updated to a system where you don't have to close all windows and start from the start each time.
6, bombs off is great but what about limiting members to the amount they can remove a hour. If a member needs more then say 10 blocks in a hour removed they need to ask a officer. This would make more people more willing to build. Most members don't build in member areas as thier build just get destroyed by that 1 fool.
7, promote and kick should be in different menus. I've have 2 lag spikes during a kick when it promoted the member not kicked. Yes including one lag spike so bad it promoted a member to president, it was not even the member I was trying to kick. It selected 3 drop down menus at the same time and as I tried to kick one member it promoted the member above, not till after the fact
what was happening clicked in. I can repeat this issue at will.