I'm a huge computer nerd when it comes to benchmarking different CPUs and GPUs in PC (Even though I only benchmark with my current specs as of now) and I got bored one day playing Trove, so I decide to benchmark Trove @ 4k with Nvidia's DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) and custom settings were used (They're in the descriptions if you want to know what's the settings). Here's the specs I have used (Also on the title and in the descriptions).

CPU: Intel Pentium G4600 (2 Core, 4 threads @ 3.6 Ghz)
GPU: EVGA ACX SSC GTX 1050 Ti OC (+150mz memory clock, +75mhz core clock, latest drivers)
Memory: Patriot Viper 1x8GB

A $500 PC that can possibly play 4k on Trove, probably the same way the Xbox One X could even do on the Xbox Edition.