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25. Pet enhancement.
26. Inventory tabs - Geode brought two new tabs for our inventory. Now when I press LB, instead of the "flux" tab, the Geode resource tab comes up. Can the building tab and the flux tab be switched, so you can press RB to get to the flux tab with one button again? I usually press select to get to the build inventory so that tab would be better to have in the middle. (Hopefully this wouldn't confuse everyone )

27. Trove time - I used to play a game that added a clock in the central hub area. Players could use this time for meet ups so you didn't have to keep time zones in mind. A huge clock in the Hub with a universal time for everyone to use would be very useful. Clubs could announce parties and giveaways and everyone would be able to tell right away when they would be relative to their own time zone.