Random thoughts and Ideas

1. Having the resource inventory page "wrap around". So you can scroll UP from your flux to jump to the bottom where the forged souls are.

2. The almighty, #1 PC mod(in my opinion) - the [OPEN ALL] button for boxes. Our poor (A) buttons will thank you.

3. Claims - Can adventure rewards not go into claims?

4. A setting toggle or an epic pose where we can see our own name. To screenshot our red/gold/purple names.

5. A different icon for yourself on the map(different color compass).

6. See the announcement from all your clubs like old club page.

7. Fast fishing included with Patron or make fishing a profession.

8. Have enemies drop flux instead of glim.

9. Everdark Tower/dungeon/boss/mobs that drop class gem fragments. Take them out of empowered gem boxes?

10. A favorites tab in class selector. Where you can add 1-3 classes and only see the ones you choose.

11. A "flashlight" while underground. Sometimes when I go into a cave or I'm digging in my club everything goes completely black, even during "daytime".

12. Gem system/forger - Make the "dots" an item that work like pearls on gear.

??. Do you have any other ideas/thoughts that could be helpful/useful/convenient while playing the game?