Now... I know that there hasn't been a whole heap of attention to PvP...
But... It really feels like a broken feature, and when you play it you can see that there are many... problems...

Firstly and most importantly the classes aren't balanced... at all... Drac can only kill players if they are AFK or if they agree to a dance contest... On the other hand DT, Pirate, Fae, (in particular are way, way too strong...) IS and CB feel a little on the strong side too...

Secondly... The whole 'waiting for players' thing. We all know it's a pain... And you solved the problem in Racing/Collection challenges... So if the screen says 'waiting for 2, 4, 6 (or even 8) players for more than a set amount of time... Why not let them play? a 4v4 or a 3v3 will still provide quite good gameplay.

Thirdly... The payback from PvP is pretty low... All you can get is battle boxes, tome rewards, and leaderboard wins. Because the leaderboard contest isn't on all the time and tome rewards are practically nil, compared to PvE, why not give flux to the winning team after a hub match? (even 100 or so might make PvP more enticing, and bring players back to it.)

What happened to hub CTF? Why was there a switch to the (simpler, but less co-operative) TDM? It would be nice (but not necessary) to run (hub) PvP on a points system where a kill is worth 1 point, a flag of strife is worth 3 and the other teams flag is worth 10.
That way everyone gets what they want.

Also... I'd really like PvP to get an element of teamwork in it, and to make it that if players support one another they'll do better... But that's probably a forlorn hope

And on the topic of forlorn hopes a 10v10 or a Death Match (DM) or small a Battle royale (a DM Survival mode, where once you die you can't respawn)

Give club builders more settings e.g. Arena size, time limit, number of teams, number of jumps, allowed classes, allowed abilities (to limit M3/SHIFT dodging) , Respawn time, Powerup respawn time, starting player movement speed (to speed up melee)... The list goes on...
The idea behind this is if such changes were allowed clubs could modify PvP to be 'fair' themselves then their ideas could be implemented into normal PvP (as with designing maps, let the players choose and design.)

Finally... If improvements WERE made to PvP would you play it? The devs hinted that "why would we fix an unpopular feature..." Would it be possible that if PvP was brought up to standard people would play it?

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The short answer is "No plans to balance classes for PvP in the near future". It was implemented as an 'As is, take it or leave it" feature, and we stated categorically that we weren't going to be investing large amounts of time or resources in supporting it. We've already gone beyond what was promised, balancing a few OP abilities, adding a new game mode, constantly adding new maps, and implementing a reward scheme for it.
So it's already received more attention than we were willing to give it.
That said, if you have constructive, clear feedback on what PvP needs in order to not be 'terrible', as you describe it, feel free to compile everything in one thread. Who knows, miracles can and do happen.
^^^ PvP isn't 'terrible' it's just feels a bit behind the other game updates. (With the Fae update that made it OP only added recently- The bomb stun. and DT being a new class... You can see how it feels behind)

I hope I haven't missed anything crucial...