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Thread: Transparency bug

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    Transparency bug

    There is a small bug floating around trove which makes some costumes useless.

    Time: Anytime

    Context: I tried the Alchemancer costume and I was verry dissapointed

    Expected: Summon plants

    Observed: Plants were summoned but they had ni transparency.

    Repro Steps:
    1. Enquip the alchemancer costume on a chloromancer
    2. Use any plant

    The biggest problem with this bug is that it also affects every placeable by any class. I have also gathered that once they explode, the transparency of the plant is just fine.

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    - The player model is unaffected.
    - Only placed ability models created by the player viewing them are affected. Ones other players spawn appear normal.
    - Models that are broken (in pieces after having been destroyed) or traveling through the air (like the Chloromancer's seed) are unaffected.
    - Both glass and glowing glass type maps are affected.
    - The Revenant's wraith is affected.
    - I can confirm based on timestamps of screenshots I have that the bug first occurred between May 17, 2015 and August 23, 2015.

    EXAMPLE 1:
    Here's what the issue causes the Alchemancer's plants to look like. This issue detracts from the appearance of the costume by obscuring several details. Their bottles have identical material mapping to those found on the player's shoulders, and have colored "potion" inside, but this is impossible to see due to the bottle rendering opaque. The pink orb on the healing plant is also supposed to be transparent so the opaque heart floating in the center is visible.

    EXAMPLE 2:
    You can also clearly see the issue on the Photon Phantom Shadow Hunter costume's Sun Snare model. The curved "blades" currently render opaque in-game, as seen here:

    However, they actually have transparent glowing glass material with similar transparency levels to the costume, as shown in these screenshots from May 2015 (before the issue began):

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