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Thread: scam?

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    Thumbs up scam?

    I bought the bundle in the deal store for 29,99 that included 2 dragon eggs but i can't unlock these instantly i have payed this much and i can't unlock them instantly this is unacceptable. At least give me the resources to unlock them it would take too long to get all of this and i assume this would be a mistake because if new players would like to have a dragon off of the start they would have to play over a month to grind all of these items.


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    You have the eggs, now you have to spend a week or two gathering dragon coins, it's not a big deal. The store page said eggs (and not golden eggs), and the resources in-game (i.e dragon crucible) show that eggs need materials to hatch them. If you're throwing money at the game without knowing what you're paying for, that's your own fault.

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    It does directly state that it grants dormant dragon eggs, which are the kind that still need resources. You got what the pack told you it contained, so this isn't a scam, even if it's a bit frustrating.

    It is true the developers could improve the descriptions on that to explain you still need resources, though.
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