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Thread: I'm bored

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    I'm bored

    Soooooo, as you can read, I'm bored. I have 18.7k pr and I am just twiddling my fingers to wait for weekly gem boost so I could reach 20k pr. I don't have any other goals. I would craft dragons, but drag coins, ugh. Leveling up classes suck because I would need to use my boosters for gems. And mining and farming doesn't suit me.

    Sooner or later, in a month or so, I'll probably be 20k pr and I would have nothing to do and no goals. Sooo, it would be awesome if you guys could tell me what to do when I'm free and what you do. Thanks

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    I heard there was building in this game too

    Cubist Colony

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    What's building?
    Can you use it?
    Can you loot-collect it?
    Can you kill it?

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    you're speaking as if trove is the only game you're allowed to play

    the reason you find yourself so bored of it is probably because you don't occupy yourself with other games. If you keep that up you'll burn out of trove (or any game for that matter) really fast

    i recommend playing something else for a little and coming back for weeklies to keep the game new and entertaining, and to get more hours out of it

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