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Thread: Ping!!!

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    Question Ping!!!

    Anyone now any news about fixing pings because its getting worse every week used to get only ground slams in mine own club world when i was building (only Monday and Friday for now) now i get teleport's and other crap if anyone now some info can you post it thank you.

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    It varied from day to day for me. Last night I was also getting some ground slams on new worlds after the start of a Biome challenge, but it normally improved within 15 minutes or so. I know that I had RTT times under 200 once it settled down.

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    This is how Trove ping is for a lot of people. Lots of rubberbanding and ping spikes with some periods of "playable" ping (200 range).

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    I'm in the US on a Gigabit connection and I usually get better WTT on EU when in adventure worlds.

    To see which may work better for you, you can run some tests on the IPs listed here:

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    You can only fix your side of things (which can be an issue). Trove his a disgracefully high ping and there's nothing you can do about it. Busy worlds are the worst.

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