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    A really weird bug.

    I have an alt account (not the one that is posting this) that I use for the club e.g. making sure members can and can't build in certain areas, and to 'hold' adventures.
    So it's not that exciting.

    However recently I noticed something very strange...
    The account was almost 1 year old and under mastery 20 and at the bottom of the screen it said: YOU HAVE SOLD LISTINGS TO BE CLAIMED IN THE MARKETPLACE

    I previously thought that it was from an item I sold before the market requirement went up from 10 to 20.

    So I hit mastery 20... and I nearly died of shock...

    The marketplace 'said' that I had sold 9999 moon key fragments for 200 flux...

    The screenshot should be here...



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    To upload an image, you want to upload it onto Imgur.com. There will be several links when you click the picture there. You want the one that says BBCode (message boards & forums). Copy/Paste that link into here and the image will apear when you publish the post.

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    Submit a ticket for us so the support team can dig into this and see what may have happened. Thanks!

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    Dang. I would have given you 201 Flux for those and a bag of chips!

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