So today I was all happy, playing Trove on my xbox one. I was out adventuring, and needed more inventory space. I was deleting gems, and was trying to go down to delete the third gem, but the cursor somehow went back up to the first slot, and without thinking, I deleted the thing there, because I thought it was the gem. I hadn't seen the cursor move, I thought it was on the gem. Anyways, I ended up deleting the one thing in Trove that I loved most: My Pinata Dragon egg. I realized that it had happened, and I was surprised to see the egg was gone. What the heck man! I want it back! I hadn't closed the inventory, and hadn't gone to the bottom of the inventory and caused the cursor to go back up. I went down and right 2, and it went to the top. Plz help me, that egg was the thing that kept me going ): I was on the xbox one s and just playing normally. It happened about an hour ago (from 6:10, January 10th, 2018 In my time zone)
Time: January 10th, 2018 5:00-6:00 pm (In my time zone)
Expected: cursor to go on a gem in my inventory so I could delete it
what happened: cursor popped up to the top and I deleted my dragon egg by accident.