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Thread: RIP Pinata Dragon

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    Unhappy RIP Pinata Dragon

    So today I was all happy, playing Trove on my xbox one. I was out adventuring, and needed more inventory space. I was deleting gems, and was trying to go down to delete the third gem, but the cursor somehow went back up to the first slot, and without thinking, I deleted the thing there, because I thought it was the gem. I hadn't seen the cursor move, I thought it was on the gem. Anyways, I ended up deleting the one thing in Trove that I loved most: My Pinata Dragon egg. I realized that it had happened, and I was surprised to see the egg was gone. What the heck man! I want it back! I hadn't closed the inventory, and hadn't gone to the bottom of the inventory and caused the cursor to go back up. I went down and right 2, and it went to the top. Plz help me, that egg was the thing that kept me going ): I was on the xbox one s and just playing normally. It happened about an hour ago (from 6:10, January 10th, 2018 In my time zone)
    Time: January 10th, 2018 5:00-6:00 pm (In my time zone)
    Expected: cursor to go on a gem in my inventory so I could delete it
    what happened: cursor popped up to the top and I deleted my dragon egg by accident.

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    You can buy back items if it hasn't been too long. Take a look at the buyback while you can.

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    I feel as if a few issues could have happened here but i think a few things need clarification. When you Say deleted do you mean by pressing X on the item in your inventory then hitting A to accept the deletion or do you mean by loot collecting. If the first set of steps was what you did please follow the steps with a (1) and if the latter option follow the items with a (2).

    (1) Sadly, to the best of my knowledge this would likely be listed as player fault and not inherently a bug (unless a bug did occur with the item you were hovering over) in which case you might want to state said bug. Likely in this case not a whole lot will be done for you (especially if you do not support a ticket).
    (2) In that case you may be able to recover your egg, If enough time hasn't passed and you have not loot collected a lot of items you may be able to "buy back" your dragon egg from the loot collector. The buy back option can be accessed in the loot collector by hitting RB and the list of collected items goes from most recent to oldest. In the case that it has been too long since you loot collected the egg then sadly it is likely (unless the issue was caused by a bug once again) that no action will be taken due to the fact that it would be at that point player fault.

    In Either case you may want to keep the following information in mind for later, If you have any dragon related items (fragments, eggs, or phoenix feathers) they can safely be stored in your "personal chest" and they can still be used in the dragon crucible. Also you would likely want to lock your item by hitting X on the item in the loot collector (this makes it unable to be collected without unlocking it first). Lastly, you may still want to submit a support ticket here--> (https://support.trionworlds.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and then follow the steps they give you (the response may take a few days and your issue may or may not be solved)

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