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Thread: Give us end game . Bored of this game

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    Give us end game . Bored of this game

    Iíve grinded and grinded from when I started early game you grind mid game you grind and end game you grind and thus the question arose, what am I grinding for? Oh thatís right to make grinding easier. But seriously why is there no actual end game pvp in this game it has so many great oppertunities for it. A reason to grind a reason to keep playing and a reason to spend money( one for Trion there). Iíve put a lot of time and money into this game and it simply boiled down to that, why? Why spend time and money to grind for the best stuff if you have zero use for them?

    Put end game pvp in the game. Club wars, weekly tournaments etc so much potential wasted.
    It would diversify the game and attract new people for sure. Come on.

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    End game pvp? How will they do that? Club wars? How will that get matched up so smaller clubs aren't excluded? Trion has been doing whatever the endgame wants, and screwing over mid and new players. I think that instead they should do whats best for everyone, and LISTEN to everyone, too, instead of doing what the 10 or 20 percent wants only.
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    firstly they need to improve server performances


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