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    omg <3 <3 <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Summer Haas View Post
    Junebug, please make this one happen its just sooooo good

    Guess what?
    Quote Originally Posted by Junebug View Post
    Hello again, modders! Below is the list of our picks for this round. We managed to squeeze in a couple extra mods on top of our twenty!

    Thank you to everyone who submitted!


    B_Y3LL0W – Tomb Raiser – Rabbity Raiser

    The mod had been accepted!

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    asdjohufhouahouad *dies again*

    Gratz :P

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    Dude, i was wating for this mod to become accepted, congratulations :D

    I'll go directly to get the costume first when the update comes out xD

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    Haha wow!! This costume is so cute and badass at the same time, and i love it! I’m so glad a cool tomb raiser costume finally is getting implemented into the game, lol. Anyways, keep up the incredible work dude!

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