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    I hope Dracolyte will be in Dragon form instead of current form.

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    Exclamation My thoughts on the drac...

    Quote Originally Posted by Spirare View Post
    Spit Fire - The Dracolyte gains a flame aura when charged, much like the Flamotron Mk II's shield; this is of course much larger with the ultimate active)

    Avatar of Flame - Will no longer revert to regular form while using a key, Hub recall, etc.
    What many people don't get is that the drac is far stronger against a group of enemies, instead of one 'boss' - all its attacks are an area attack. However while this is useful in many situations no-one really cares. There is one 'boss' at the end of a ST and that's what counts.

    Regardless of how much you like or hate the drac there are three flaws that need to be fixed (which are mentioned above).
    1. The M2 attack. It's practically impossible to know when it's charged. A better alert is necessary and as previously noted in ultimate mode.
    2. When using a ST key, hub ect. If the player is in the ultimate mode and it runs out, your hub refresh or key stops and you have to start again.
    3. PvP... D: ...The fact that only PvP first timers use the drac and that it get's wrecked is not a particularly good combo...
    This is because the M1 can't hit anyone. They run away/ use a stun/blink ect to get away. PLUS the DPS is horrible. Ranged classes do the same if not more...
    the M2 can't be used... (See M1)
    The '1' ability is useless (See M1) they take too long to blow up... and everyone runs away.
    The '2' ability (ultimate) is mostly useless (See M1) while it makes you do more damage and take less damage... What's the point? You STILL cant hit anyone... they run away.
    The drac needs more movement speed, minions, a stun, an extra passive similar to the ice sages to trap enemies. (and mabye make the drac get a 75% movement speed boost like in lava when using the ult) ect.
    Also the new PvP maps have just about no lava which makes the formerly almost useless passive... COMPLETLY USELESS!!!
    Fixing these wouldn't overly improve the drac, but it would make the drac look a lot more polished and fix silly problems that annoy many and deter others from the drac (M2 and lack of PvP usefulness in particular.)

    Thanks for reading!

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    Yah the draco isn't vary powerful in mid fight. But what i think losts of people can agree with is is can deal truckloads of damage in the beginning of fights if you play your cards right. it was my first class and iv maned it ever scene because in my opinion its the fun i have with the class that counts. With the draco buff i hope the devs can make use of the bursts of damage it can have.

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