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Thread: [Mount] Celestia Capra

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    [Mount] Celestia Capra

    || Celestia Capra||
    A coolio celestial theme for your flying fox! \ :D /

    Forbidden Spires Adventure Mount : Frolicksome Fox Spirit
    | Preview |

    Download Links
    Trovesaurus | Steam
    [Also includes more preview images!]

    To-do list:
    Completed Mount
    Visual Effects [VFX] ✗

    Featured Art!

    Created by mau5head on Trovesaurus!

    Not 100% sure if peeps would get the reference, but generally I had this Astrological inspiration for this one.
    *cough* will also be making an alternative version to this when I'm done with the goat version of this mount – so keep your eyes peeled for that! ;D
    But overall, hope you enjoy the mount! \ :D / ❤
    and of course, well, the other mounts, but AHHH I hope you like it regardless aishfUAJHfwkf

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    Wow, this is such a beauty! It's really such a creative use of the rig, and it fits so well! I love the vibrant color palette, and your classic simple style makes the whole model just awesome, and really fitting in Trove. I especially love those horns, that's what makes it for me. And I really like the thought put into the name, for the nod to Capricorn being a zodiac symbol. I'm super excited to see what you come up with for the variant! And ER MAH GERD did you say Featured Art, plz yes ;v;

    Overall, this is such a wonderful mount, and it really deserves to be in-game for its originality and beauty! Fantastic job Deli!

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    oww thats noice
    IGN: ROUGE02

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    I agree with Techno. It's a creative, unique and beautiful mount. I'm curious how it'd look like with a different pair of horns (the current ones are amazing nonetheless). Good job!
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