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Thread: [Mount] Ornament Swiper

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    [Mount] Ornament Swiper

    ~ Ornament Swiper ~

    ~| Its mischievous nature leads to many lost ornaments! |~


    When the holidays come, the Ornament Swiper is the first to bask in awe at the newly set up decorations - and snatch them up for itself!

    Likely my final Meownt for the year, the Ornament Swiper's festive attitude is just in time for the holidays!



    Replaces :
    Magic Meownt

    Download :
    Steam Workshop



    Update 1 :

    - Removed alpha map from ornaments
    - Adjusted tail bow's appearance and moved it above the tail ornament
    - Adjusted saddle colours


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    Senior Member Spirare's Avatar
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    +1 approval.

    Not too sure on the shoes - they seem a bit neat for a cat that looks like it just dove into a christmas tree, and otherwise look a bit plain. I guess they're still fine, though.

    Also, the ornament hanging off the tail looks a unbalanced and isn't really being held on by anything in particular. Maybe move the bow up so it looks like the ornament is tied to the tail? You could also make it stick out less so it isn't leaning so far to the right.
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    that looks absolutely adooooraaableee! <3
    I really love how you emphasized the hat design, we barely have any asymmetrical designs in the game since voxels and such, but goodness I love that!
    And the candy cane? ArghH! Top notch, that's some personality right there in such a small form, but goodness that's amazing! >:D
    I'm a little iffy about the saddle design more than anything, I feel on practicality, it seems as if the cushion was merged with the normally leathered saddle;
    but then again it's winter, so I guess I can see it being a warmer too? I think there just needs to be less of the surrounding white – cause to me I see that as the fluff of every sort of Holiday themed anything! :D
    Also, have you never put booties on your cat, Spirare? You should see how clumsy cats can be, and the booties would still be stuck on! xD
    To provide a little more context to Spirare's point though, I can agree that it's at the edge,
    and the bow looks almost undone, [oh no!] we need security on it through premade creations! >:000

    Here are some people I'd love to recommend on opinion and design options either through message or simply checking their creations:
    Anibaal is a user I trust in simple-design and creativity, and goodness,
    his works really bring out some bow designs and all the more the festivity! nwn
    GadgetCAT is another user I can recommend to rely on design/creativity help,
    she's helped me through the creation of cuteness and practicality in small space and form,
    as evidenced by her works and even the most popular costume today - the Magical Revenant!

    I hope these users provide some insight and as well as help to your newfound liking towards modding~
    Keep up the amazing work, and don't ever feel discouraged to ask anyone for their opinion and help! <3
    Happy modding! :D

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    Senior Member Cicasajt's Avatar
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    cute one! i just dont really like that the ornaments are transparent
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    Senior Member DatGuy's Avatar
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    Christmas kitty! I wanna hug it so bad <3

    You did a nice job, although I agree that the transparent ornaments look off
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    Updated it with the changes you guys suggested. ^-^

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    Senior Member ixitimmyixi's Avatar
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    Gorgeous! This has to be added for next Christmas.

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