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Thread: Previously owned classes locked after not playing since Alpha

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    Previously owned classes locked after not playing since Alpha

    Hi, this may be a bit confusing so I'll try to explain it as best as possible.

    I originally started playing trove a year or so ago (I don't remember exactly how long ago, I just remember Trove was in Alpha at the time), and I was playing as a Gunslinger with my friend.

    I recently discovered classes became something you had to unlock or "craft", as I suppose it's being done now. They have trials that allow you to play up until level four.

    When I looked at my gunslinger again after unlocking and playing about 16 levels of my Ice Sage, it said my gunslinger was on a trial.

    The only thing is, it wouldn't make sense to be a trial class. My gunslinger is level 12.

    For simplicity:

    Time: This occured, well, it's still occuring. I originally started in Alpha and stopped playing until well after the full release.

    Context: I was playing through the Ice Sage I unlocked when I started playing this game again, and decided to switch to my Gunslinger to see what he had. He was shown as a trial class and had the lock symbol next to his level when I switched to him, but I could still play him at level 12, instead of level 4 like most trial classes would be.

    Game Details: In the "Select a Class" menu, my Gunslinger shows as a class I haven't unlocked yet. I have the option to purchase him with Credits or play a trial of him up to level 4, but he's already at level 12.

    Character Details: The character is a level 12 Gunslinger.

    Expected Outcome: I played my Gunslinger in Trove Alpha and got him up to level 12. I stopped playing, trove was released and changed the class system. I should be able to switch to the class I was playing previously without any issue.

    Observed Outcome: I can switch to him as a trial class (at level 12, like he was when I left), and cannot gain any XP since he is past level 4 and the game considers him a trial class.

    Repro Steps: I'm not sure if you would be able to reproduce this unless you have an account that was created and played on during Alpha, which is unfortunate.

    Image/Video Documentation:

    The level I left it at & proof it's shown as a trial: http://prntscr.com/hrj4l8

    The level my Gunslinger was at & proof that it's treated as a class I don't own: http://prntscr.com/hrj520

    Thanks! :)

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    You need to submit a ticket to customer service and they can unlock the GS for you. https://support.trionworlds.com/hc/e...cles/204400287

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