Link to our club promotional video:

Hello everyone,

I am Cyrawnis, the Founder and Architect of Ashes to Obelisks. I just wanted to introduce myself and give a few quick talking points about this amazing club!

If you want to skip this article and get straight to some of the most amazing builds you'll ever see then just type:

/joinworld ashes to obelisks

and let the chat know what you think!

Please do not ask me to invite you to the club from this forum, because we both have to be ONLINE and IN-GAME for me to invite you to the club. Message me over psn or just go to the club world and ask in chat for someone to invite you. We have a TON of traffic so i'm sure someone will see you.

  • TheCrawlingKhaos
  • ZombieGary
  • ashliea86
  • Gigi_All_Out
Active Players to Ask For Invite:
  • MaskOfTwoFaces
  • KnightingaleFox
  • vernoxious137
  • vernoxious137

Great things about our club:
  • Club level 11 (MAX)
  • Max level (Tier 3) Fixtures including Hoard of Prosperity, Skill, Merch, Resilience, Ferocity, Etc...
  • Consistently Top 6 Ranks on Club Leaderboards
  • 21,000+ Props
  • Amazing community of helpful and insightful players that are fun to be around. I am very proud to have provided a place for this community to form and could not have done it without all the incredible people that inhabit Ashes!
  • One of the oldest clubs in Trove
  • A very mature, helpful, and fair leader. I've led this club through thick and thin for almost a year!
  • Hub took a few million blocks to build! Massive floating castle with districts and villages that contain shops with a harbor etc...
  • Absolutely gorgeous builds throughout the entire club! Many players comment that we have the best looking club world they've ever seen!
  • No annoying beggars/spammers
  • We fluctuate on member count. Generally upwards of 500 because we regularly clean out inactives but recruit to match it
  • Very active club chat. If you join don't be afraid to talk, we love players who talk!

Things to do, places to see:

My idea of a club is one that seems "alive" and not just completely boring to be in or look at. It is my vision to create a lot of things to do, see, and interact with while you visit. Below I will list a couple of the builds in our world, I don't want to spoil everything for you!

6 Districts total on the main island enclosed by castle walls: Center, North, South, East, West, and Harbor

EDIT 1-14-18 - I have now completely redesigned the east face of the mountain in the harbor district and built a new hub showcasing the new fixtures that is located on the mountainside. It was built to convey beauty and I highly recommend you swing by to see it. All sorts of caves, waterfalls, paths have been added to give the whole area a more organic appearance.

Harbor District Spawn (Mountain Specifics):
  • New hub square that is in the build style of "London meets Ashes". What seems like a regular town actually has all of the fixtures built INTO it seamlessly.
  • New TroveBall area inside of the cave. WIP.
  • Completely re-skinned mountain exterior to be more organic
  • Boat race is currently out of commission. DeathBrigade is re-skinning it to have a more organic look.
  • WIP: More floating islands, sea serpent, dragon, octopus, airships, volcano floating islands, whatever else i feel like building...

Harbor District Spawn:
  • You will start in a prison where the club's main quest begins. I don't want to spoil anything here but it's very "Morrowind" style.
  • Lots of shops and village houses.
  • 20k+ Pub
  • Pvp arena that doubles as the entire harbor
  • Fishing trophy house
  • Rules and info house
  • Events house
  • Npcs manage all of these shops and have quite a lot to say be it club quest related, club lore related, pointing to club world points of interests, etc...
  • Also there is a boat race located inside the mountain (where the waterfall is) that is incredibly difficult. Not for the faint of heart!

South District Village:
  • Complete village that is currently undergoing construction. I have built all the houses, now I plan on making them all "Functional" to the club.

Center District Main Hub:
  • Massive multi-story floating castle that has been lifted into the sky and held down by chains!
  • Underneath the floating landmass there is an maze that hundreds of players have entered. Less than 20 have emerged victorious. Are you witty enough to beat it?

West District Member Builds:
  • Contains DOZENS of member houses all spaced out to look like a community. Great builds!
  • Dragon Ball radar dish for a club event!
  • Additionally there is a secret cabin right outside the castle walls that holds a TINY secret, mwahahaha... (You'll know if you've found it)

East District Fixtures:
  • Contains the club fixtures
  • Water temple hub. (The original water temple I built in another club and won an Albairn as 1st place prize) MooMooSilkyCow was gracious enough to copy it back into Ashes.

North District Obelisk:
  • Hall of Heroes (Place for players who beat the maze to put their names)
  • The Obelisk

Outside Islands
  • Shenron Dragon ball island (Rewards for finding all the dragon balls in the club world).
  • Wild west styled pvp arena (coming soon).
  • Tomb labyrinth.
  • Jurassic jungle tree village.
  • Christmas tree hub (wip)
  • A ton more that I'll leave you to find yourself!

  • Anyone is welcome to join and new members have club permissions and are encouraged to invite their friends!
  • Asking questions is encouraged. We're all here to learn and grow as a community.
  • Be respectful to old and new members alike. If you have an issue then screenshot it and send it to leadership. They can handle it.
  • Don't be annoying (No spamming, being obnoxious, cleaning out club chest)
  • We don't have a pr requirement, but we do have a personality requirement
  • Have fun and enjoy yourself!

Again, to preview this BEAUTIFUL club world just type in-game:

/joinworld ashes to obelisks