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Thread: Ashes to Obelisks - Great Builds Amazing Community

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    or, there is no way for me to send you a DM on here... so I will do it on PSN.

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    I wasnt the one who kicked you but I stand behind whoever did. Spamming clubs with pinatas is a way those who are angry with the club lag it out. All you had to do was tell people in club chat what you were doing so they could have participated and none of this would have been an issue. You're playing the victim when you single handedly caused the problem. Honestly I feel like your only goal here was to damage a good clubs reputation because you haven't talked to any of the leaders about what happened. Ashes is an amazing club full of wonderful people and getting kicked out is your loss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by qpotential View Post
    FYI: don't try to have fun and throw pinatas in this club or they will kick you and then ban you with a 30 second warning. You won't even have a chance to read the chat and respond

    Cy, the club itself is great but several of the senior members are like a mob with groupthink mentality. Not sure If I would even want to return if given the chance after what I just experienced.

    It's OK though because they missed out on 200 Party Animals, 150 Autumn Pinatas, and 150 Winter Pinatas that were coming after the Celebratory Pinatas. Their loss.
    Although I wish you would have communicated with me directly instead of use a public forum I will respond via your chosen method of communication.

    I was not present for this occurrence but as you have stated you were throwing Celebratory Pinatas which are worthless and used to attack clubs with server lag. I was sent a screentshot of you throwing them underneath the hub in an area that most players do not know how to access. That paired with not saying you were throwing a party and not responding as you continued to throw hundreds of pins is why you were kicked.

    I have messaged you over psn if you wish to discuss this further.

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