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Thread: [Mount] Radiant Meownt

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    [Mount] Radiant Meownt

    Radiant Meownt

    Its radiant fur is considered the warmest and softest of its kind.

    The Radiant Meownt is my second mod, first mount. It was mostly to practice using MagicaVoxel some more, as well as practice making mounts. It'll hopefully be the first in a series of new Meownts!



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    Great work dude! I saw you working on this in the Discord, and it definitely sparked up the Radiant theme a lot more, we need more Meownt designs! >:D
    Keep up the amazing work, and keep on posting! I can't wait for more~ :D

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    Not much actual fur part on it - it looks more like it's made out of metal. (The lighter yellow is probably meant to represent fur, but doesn't really look like it.)

    I think a more Radiant Steed-esque design with some more white showing would look nicer.
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