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    Snowfest The Gift That Keeps on Giving!

    8 new event adventures, upgraded daily login rewards, a jolly new Hub, and Horned Rumpfus enemies invading the Permafrost biome can mean only one thing: Snowfest is here!

    Blocky Bonus
    The Tiny T-Rex mount is a brand-new Blocky Bonus item available to collect in the Deals tab of the Trove Store for the PC, Xbox One, and for those with PlayStation Plus!

    By completing the new Snowfest adventures you can earn sensational seasonal swag including the Angry Poop ally and the Blizzard Behe-Moth mount!

    Take down gift dungeons (these are dungeons that look like wrapped presents) to earn Subzero Snowflakes. Use the collected snowflakes at the Snowfest table in the Hub to craft a massive amount of uniquely wintry items.

    The chest that spawns after defeating this new boss has a chance of granting the Colorful Gift Carousel mount!

    We’ve also added two winter-themed costumes to the Chaos Core Crafter during Snowfest.

    The glorious G.R.Y.P.H. 3000 mount is now available on the Trove Store for a limited time as well!

    Treat yourself to this bone-chilling bevvy of bargains as we get ready to ring in 2018!

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    When does this event end?

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