Options Menu Bug Add On
Found and Uploaded By: rd1q

Where: Options Menu, Leaderboard, Favorites Tab

Bug: There is a(n) "invisible/untitled" box within the menu.

Occurrence: This bug is a consistent bug, and will happen repeatedly. If you follow my steps to spot the "invisible/untitled" boxes within the menu, you will easily locate them.

PlayStation 4 System:
Regular (Non-Pro)

  1. Press options button on controller
  2. Scroll down to leaderboard, Press X
  3. Press Circle to exit out of "Weekly Contests" tab
  4. Scroll up to "Favorites" and Press X
  5. Press the RIGHT ARROW on the D-Pad and you will notice and invisible/untitled box between "Mastery Points" and "Dungeons Completed"

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