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    Trove Winter Login Rewards!

    Logging into Trove and adventuring through its vast worlds is its own reward – but, on top of that reward are a stack of new ones!

    Winter Extravaganza Daily Login Rewards
    Login every day between now and Monday, December 18 to receive free loot!
    • December 12 - 10 Dragon Coins[/*]

    • December 13 - 7 Chaos Chests[/*]

    • December 14 - 3 Bound Brilliance[/*]

    • December 15 - 1 Empowered Gem Box[/*]

    • December 16 - 1 Ninth Life[/*]

    • December 17 - 5 Lapis Luckbugs[/*]

    • December 18 - 3 Booster Boxes[/*]

    Holiday Login to Win Event
    Plus, for NA and EU players, login every day between 12AM PST on December 13, 2017 and 11:59 PM PST on January 4, 2018 to receive one entry to the Holiday Login to Win Event.

    After the event period ends we’ll select winners at random from all entries and award them with the highly anticipated Shadow Ganda, also known as Yabaki, the Cast Shadow! While the Ganda mount places temporary golden blocks wherever it roams, this version is its opposite - destroying blocks in Club Worlds where you have permission to do so. Click here for full sweepstakes rules.

    Be sure to login every day to earn free loot and maximize your chances of unlocking the rarest mount in all of Trove!

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    Question about Eligibility

    As I read the eligibility for the rules of the sweepstake, I noticed something in the MUST part:
    1. To be eligible to enter the Sweepstakes, as of the time you submit your Entry you must:


    4. Be a resident of the United States, Canada or a European Union member country, excluding residents of Quebec, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden. Canadian residents will be required to answer an additional mathematical question in order to claim their prizes."

    Does that mean players from Asian countries are not eligible to enter the sweepstake even if we meet other requirements?

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