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    To everyone demanding compensation for the DDOS attack please understand that the game is F2P, and never forces you to give your money up to actually enjoy the game. Also, understand, or rather read the original post stating that it is an ISP WIDE attack. Not specifically on Trion/Trove itself. They have as much pull on the issue as you do. Keep calm and quit rage thinking that it will net you free merch. That is just silly.

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    I posted an update to the original post (#6). Please check it out!
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    oh good, snowballs! that'll make up for the days of wasted Patron..
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    Reading through all these posts even has me agitated. I can't imagine how all of you at trion are feeling...

    Just keep doing the great job you are, and enjoy the holidays!



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    ""These items will go out to millions of accounts so it can definitely take several days for you to see the items arrive. We appreciate your incredible patience and will continue fighting against new attacks when they arise.""

    Millions of accounts. wow I so seriously doubt that even on the best times of this game. If it is millions of accounts between those days the money you are raking in on the portion just buying patron this month would buy you all new servers in a month and that is super low balling the number.

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    It's hard to play when you can't get past the login screen. Missed out on the hourly challenge again, couldn't login for 20 mins. Then I tried to go to my club, but failed to connect while changing worlds.

    You can blame DDoS all you want, but it's probably something more fundamental and under your control that's actually at fault. Maybe reconnecting with every world change isn't a good architecture.

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    Do you guys think in their attempt to deal with ddos attacks they may have caused issues to legit players trying to login too? My connection is twice as fast as it used to be and I still struggling.

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    Hey its 28 December and i think theres still something wrong with the connection or something, everytime i enter a world and explore, i still have to wait for the map to load and it usually takes around 10 seconds to load...

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    IS Trove offline right now? I can not get past the long in servers. I get error messages . 12:18 CTS Jan 1 2018

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