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Thread: Trove on the Nintendo switch...

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    Trove on the Nintendo switch...

    As we all know, trove is an amazing game but, it's only on 3 platforms. I think it would be brilliant if trove was on the Nintendo switch because most of the good games cost quite alot. trove would be one of the firest free games on the store for the switch and most definitely one of the best. Please share this post so a dev can see it i would love to take trove every where I go on the switch thank you for reading.

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    Posting this in another section would probably get more attention, though it has been brought up before. I also have to personally disagree. While in theory I can see how it would be nice, in practice porting to console is one of the two worst decisions that have happened to trove and the game has directly been heavily impacted negatively.

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