hello everyone, ive been playing Trove for quite a while now, and with the adventures update for clubs, i thought of a few things we could add into Trove for the clubs.

Alliance/Rivalry: With so many clubs on Trove, I figure why not have them the opportunity to make friends or rivals with other guilds

With Alliaances you can not only help one another in their upkeep of club fixtures but you can also share the club boons with each other, along with other helpful ideas to strengthen the allied clans.

Rivalry: A wise man once said, "For every friend you make, you will be bound to find an enemy." With Rivalries, you can compete with one another in minigames, pvp, and future events, with the chance to gain a bonus for any rival club member you beat.

Club Wars: Had enough of your rivalry, ready to take things to the next level, well with this idea, you can declare war against rival clubs, taken them on in huge Club Pvp Wars, Minigames and more, the victorious clan will not only get a boost in their fixtures, a huge amount of clubits and high tiered loot, they will also get some major bragging rights too (though that's optional, you'll still get the boosts, clubits and loot though)

and finally

Club Olympics: have you ever wondered who is the best club, willing to prove yourself against the hundreds of other clubs, well the Club Olympics is just the thing to prove your clubs might.

Once a year,the Trovian Olympics will host many different pvp battles, Mini games, Boss Fights, Shadow Tower Runs, and so much more, the Trovians who have earn the most victories in these competitions will not only be rewarded quite well, but so will their primary clans be rewarded as well.

these are my ideas so far, if you have anything to add, go for it, though in my opinion, this should be pitched to Trion to see how they like it, who knows, it could be the next big update, we'll see.