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    Important bug after mastery level up

    I encountered an important bug when taking a level
    My limit to reach the next level was set to 700 while I am below the 300 mastery.
    Time: today
    Here is a screen that shows you the bug

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    We'll dig into this. Just to be sure, are you using any mods at all? If so, try disabling them and restart Glyph/Trove, please. If not, the QA team will investigate so we can sort this out.

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    did you loot and unloot something that give you mastery points? It happens to me once when I loot fishes that give me mastery points. After I get mastery rank up from fishes, the mastery points will be deducted and the mastery rank will not go down when you unloot the fishes.

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    After disabling my mods, the bug are still present. I think I took levels early because of a lag.
    Thank you for your reply !

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