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    Knight Sale & the All-Pine Artis Tree Pack!

    Deck the halls with gorgeous holiday décor with the brand-new All-Pine Artis Tree Pack!

    This festive assortment of holiday cheer includes fourteen new styles, three new mounts, two new allies, and two fantastic frameworks! The only thing missing is a partridge in a pear tree!

    The Knight class and all Knight costumes are on sale this week for 50% off! Charge into battle with this powerful melee fighter and customize your look so you can beat back the forces of shadow in style!

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    Why can't this be purchased with credits?

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    The two frameworks in this pack aren't even exclusive to the pack... I unlocked them with the super recipe stashes ( a.k.a. the omni recipes ).

    Also, the amount of mastery that this pack gives compared to other $19.99 value packs that have been in the store does not justify its price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spar13 View Post
    Why can't this be purchased with credits?
    At this point, after all the real-money packs, i would be surprised if we could...

    I do believe they forgot credits exist...
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    Why can't this be purchased with credits?

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    Can we get an animation rework on the Knight? It feels like the class is still in Alpha Version and doesn't feel... active, when it fights.

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    Fasti don't you guys who work on this amazing and fun project think that you have to REWORK Knight already? How long has it been 3 years 4 years? Guys you are a bunch of really talented and amazing people gathered together and doing a really great job and it is no easy task what we are asking but come on, let's be real here, Knight looks OLD man he needs some serious attention when compared to other classes, not mentioning the newer melee classes even the Candy barbarian is moving smoother and the animations are way better shaped even the model is hundred times better then Knight. Please guys, just show some some love to the fella, he is the poster boy of your masterpiece.

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    I don't believe they care about Trove, i believe they just want to cash fast before it goes down the hills (cube logo) completely.

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