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Thread: Amicitia

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    Returning after a long year and looking to rebuild the club! If anyone is interested in possibly helping us run the club and expand it feel free to let us know!!


    Hello everyone,
    Amicitia was created within the first few days of open beta launch, the meaning behind the name Amicitia means friendship it was founded by Myself(No1Hated666) and my partner FrostyNutzDC17 the purpose of creating this club was to make a home and a family for members to help each other and just be a laid back club, so anyone whos a veteran to anyone who is new to the game is welcome to Amicitia!


    When it comes to the people who Founded Amicitia we are a couple of laid back hyper guys which means Everyone is welcome to join Amicitia there is no restrictions here! competitive or casual, being parents or being in school we will try our best to make sure we have members on for all time zones so you have someone to game with all the time we will do our best!






    Few things were looking to do for Amicitia:

    - Being Socially Active, Friendly and Helpful
    - Lvling, Mineing runs and sky Runs
    - Shadow Tower runs
    - Battle Arena Runs
    - Bringing Building Areas for Members and Architects (coming soon hopefully)
    and More!.

    ****Other Club Information****

    we currently have a Hub Area in Amicitia that is slowly Expanding and geting built!
    - Currently have all Benches
    -Currently have Ubers to 9
    - have all drowned ubers to 9
    - cursed portals to uber 7
    - igneous portal uber 7
    - Sky Portal
    - shores of everdark uber 8
    - 4 Shadow Tower Portals
    - Both Capture the flag and Team death Match Battle Arena Portals
    - Trading Posts
    and more!

    Also Supporting 2 clubs so far by representing there worldlinks in our club!

    We Also have 173 Props on our world!
    Also have 33 members looking to fix up activity tho

    If you are interested in joining the Club Amicitia! Please Leave a comment below saying that you are interested and leave your xbox gamertag! Also please send me a message Via Xbox One leting me know your interested and ill tose you an invite!

    If you are interested in joining please send me a pm on xbox!

    My Usually online everyday at all different times..i can be found sometimes between 8am Est - 12pm Est

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    We also just created a portal section in our club to represent other fellow clubs if interested! We just like to spread the joy of help for everyone!

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    Cann you pm me Xbox name is PRIO Mike

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