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Thread: Bad PC, Help me a little?

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    Lightbulb Bad PC, Help me a little?

    So, my PC is pretty trash. What's the best settings for performance?
    is there some sort of settings.ini file that can be modified to farther decrease some stuff? Is there a reconfigured one somewhere? Trove just looks pretty cool and I really wanna play, thanks for looking :')

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    Go to video settings and click low, then turn up your draw distance to 60 or 80 so it's actually playable.

    Now, type /retromode.

    I always play with retromode on, you get used to it. :>

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    When in game Esc > Settings > Video Turn down most everything in there. I dont remember if you can do this from the Glyph launcher, but I know you can in game.

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    Tell us your hardware and maybe we can help you out a little more.

    I have a PC with only an Intel Pentium G4560 and 4GB Ram memory, no gpu at all but intel graphics, and i play it no problems with the right settings, without retromode and usually above 30 fps sometimes 45, depends on the map, and with over 170 draw distance and supersampling 1.
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    You can find a config file in C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\Trove but you should be fine with the settings in game, just choose the "Low" preset at the options and set "Supersampling" to 0.25 since - as I experienced it - it has possibly the greatest impact at performance. See how the game runs with those settings and adjust them gradually to see how much your PC can take.

    Hope this helps.
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