Well sure was not a hot fix.
I'm willing to test these patches out for 5 min guys.
Few of these errors seem like your testers are playing chess when testing as they are literately in your face errors.

1, club tags not showing? This worked on launch day, were they removed so we would not know leaderboard was broken or that people were maining clubs they are not in?
2, club leader board is not adding top 50 guys maining the clubs it's adding members wearing any club
3, sign are broken - how? Why?
4, new crash - this one is so bad it csuses my Ps4 joystick to turn off? This happened every 30 min after update. Trove freezes, chat goes for a min still then everything frozen, lastly my joystick resets and worste part is party chat now is on my tv not headset.
5, entire club rubber banding. 3 times yesterday our club was sent back in time by 10 seconds. This is a huge issue as people are donating. If this happens when someone is doing a large donation...
6, goes with 5. The club rubber banding also resets our quest npc's. It takes clubits, a lot of time and energy to get the npc's you want. Them resetting is a pain and a waste of everyone's time.
7, only pre patch note said teatheting was the reason for the patch. Then it's not removed. Why did we have a patch that did nothing except fix donation and cap club members? Seems like trion had a rouge developer doing things in thier moms basement and trion is guessing at what they are doing?