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Thread: Nov 28 patch notes ummm?

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    I can tell u for a fact there's alot of inactive people in that club that probably hasn't even looked in since the update which they can be easily kicked and they never said this was intentional to uncap the limit it wasn't supposed to be nor was it ever said in patch notes they always said it wasn't meant to be since it was realized so in reality its ur fault by keep inviting when it's a known bug since ur always on forums u just want something to complain about just like u knew tethering wasn't being taken away this patch u knew they messed but yet ur acting like u didn't know grow up and stop acting like u don't this stuff also why would u want to kick 550 people for 1 person not very logical and hard to believe u have 1300 people when big youtubers n known people don't even have that many in there club

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    clearly your don't see a problem with yet again trion making a error that effects someone who's not you.
    You don't have the issue so it's not a issue.

    I get it but making things up to justify your argument is well just trolling.
    I read the patch note on this site that said club members max has been increased with the adventure up date as well as a fellow club member who pointed it out to me.
    Trion would never change patch notes... It was there 2 weeks ago.

    Before update we removed 30 days offline keeping only a few known people, some are deployed some are taking a break from trove type of people.
    People that don't donate sure are a easy target but we don't have a min or requirement for members to donate.

    Why do clubs have a cap st all?
    Why can't a club have as many members as it wants?
    900 were members added since update.

    As per you big youtubers? Who? You mean the guy who lost his club as he was not online for 40 days on the ps4?
    We are level 7 with cd ch pd md merch npc all level 3 and gem headed to 3 today.
    His club is what? Level 2?
    People go to where people are actively trying to make things better for all.

    Your statement that you don't believe we have 1300 club members says it all. Lol
    I'd invite you to the club but....

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    We have been attempting to narrow our numbers down to no avail. 1200 members now... Maybe one day we will be able to invite all those who left by accident.

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