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Thread: [Suggestions] Daily Contests

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    [Suggestions] Daily Contests

    Hey there !

    I just noticed that the "Daily Contests" had an [S] at the end of the word in the leaderboard UI.

    And in more than a year of leaderboard #MoPUpdate I have not seen any modification / addition of daily contest.

    So I'll suggest a few ideas :

    With the #AdventuresUpdate Club 2.0 came out with Club Quests.

    n°1 : A Global quest like currents quest from NPC's of "Rally of Heroes" fixture. (a bit harder than that)
    n°2 : X donations of clubits to clubs.

    The rewards would be Adventurines.

    This thread is of course open for more Suggestions


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    I wanna say I love the concept of Community Goal quests. This Halloween, I actually abandoned Trove for a solid week because Creativerse had a community event to destroy 1.5 million creature spawners before Halloween ended. They had teirs of rewards that were set up at every 500k goal. All I really got in the end was thematic skins for making pumpkin chests, but I had a great time just doing my part and seeing the meter filling up every day. It gave me a sense of actually affecting the community, even a little bit, as a solo player.
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