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Thread: [Costume] Elysian Sage

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    Lightbulb [Costume] Elysian Sage

    This is my 4th ever costume mod, it replaces Level 20 Ice Sage Costume, Normal Ice Sage VFX/Class Gem VFX, Mitaura's Horns Hat and Solar Sigil Staff.

    Front, Back, Side and Pose:

    Some VFX (Not all): Class Gem, Ice Shield

    Here's the video where I show the costume off:
    (It has vfx for Ice Sage's normal right click ability too, but I forgot to show it off in the video.)

    If anyone wants to try it out, it's up on the steam workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile...?id=1209983913
    EDIT: Here's the Trovesaurus download page as requested: https://trovesaurus.com/mod=5616/elysian-sage
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    This costume is gorgeous! I love the colors, and the creative design you used! You did an amazing job on this! <3
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    you should add a trovesaurus download link so that i can try it. It looks amazing!
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    The multicolor is a bit uncomfortable to see, maybe 2 colors and shade them out should be pretty lit! o3o
    I'd love to download this, provide a mod for this on trovesaurus please! <3

    Also I'm hyped if this is getting into the game

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    im not a fan of the green colors, but i like the whole radiant theme and i wouldnt say no to this going into the game

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    Well, I think the green is supposed to be adventurine, but I agree it doesn't quite fit the costume. The Elysian Guard costume for the knight uses glowing purple and light blue as it's secondary colors. Also, the green doesn't fit with the blue vfx of this costume, either. Other than that, this costume looks great!

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    I love this costume nice job! My main is Sage so I would like to see it on the char ^^
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    im not a huge fan of the green in the costume, but otherwise it looks fabulous.

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    Awesome, it looks really cool and I love the enfasis with the green <3
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