This has been a idea ive been working on for quite a while gauntlets are dual welded melee weapons of which the models are mirrored onto each hand and the model size limit is 13×13x13 with the connection point being 7x 7y and 12z this is if you were looking at the front of the model.

The Classes:

The Mutant Boxer - A high offense beserker

Passive - Last One Standing
For every X% health lost gain +X% damage and +X% damage resist

Basic attack -
A 3 punch combo; Right Punch-Left Hook-Right Uppercut (Low - Mid Knockback)

1st Ability - Block
Hold to block reducing damage taken by X% but unable to attack

2nd Ability - Back Peddle
Dash Backwards a small to medium distance

3rd Ability - Sucker Punch
Punch for X damage and stun target for X secs

Ultimate - Charged Strike
Charge up for X secs then punch forwards dealing X damage and applying high knockback the flying enemy deals damage to blocks and enemies hit

Theme - Radioactive Wastelands (Biome(idea))

The Secret Monk - Melee Paladin/Healer

Passive - Divine Teachings
For each ally (people near you in a X radius) +X% Health Regen and Stance Bonus (See 1st Ability) this buff is also applied to the allies (doesn't Stack with multiple monks)

Basic Attack -
A fast paced two punch combo of right then left jabs

1st ability - Stance Change
This a togglable ability changing between 4 Stances
Stance Of Fire - Gain increased Attack Speed
Stance Of Earth - Gain increased Damage Resist
Stance Of Water - Gain increased Energy Regen
Stance Of Air - Gain increased Movement Speed

2nd Ability - Fast Reflexes
Dash in whatever direction is currently being held (defaults to forwards if nothing is being pressed) damage is ignored while dashing

3rd Ability - Invoke Soul (may change)
Dependent on Stance
Fire - A Jade statue granting a Damage buff aura is placed
Earth - A large semicircluar (as close as possible) wall of rock is placed in front of The Monk
Water - A Jade Statue is placed granting a Healing and Damage Resistance Aura
Air - All enemies around the monk are pushed away

Ultimate - Master Of Elements
All stances are combined and buffed by X% and the passive radius is increased for X secs (between 25 and 60)

Theme - Forbidden Spires

Your feedback would be much appreciated