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Thread: Dino Tamer Ultimate bug

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    Exclamation Dino Tamer Ultimate bug

    Hello there is a bug with the dino tamer. While channeling his ult (~0.25s channel time) if there is any server lag whatsoever at that moment you will be stuck in the channel animation and be unable to do anything. You cannot cast any abilities, attack, move through portals/to the hub, etc. The only way to fix it is to teleport to a friend, change class, or to close the game completely and restart.

    How to reproduce: While experiencing server lag, cast the dino tamer ult.

    Please don't ignore this bug just because the dino tamer isn't very popular. Thank you.

    Edit thanks to Two_Pinky_Ringz for the 3rd method of getting out of the bug.

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    U can also change ur class which fixes it I've had it happen me before it's annoying

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    I've posted the cause of this bug in a previous thread so I'll post it here:
    The reason this bug occurs is because the ultimate has not fully cooled down. Even though the icon will show that it's ready, that's false. You must look at your characters "ultimate ready" animation and sound effect before you activate the ult. Don't look at the icon. The system doesn't know how to act when you activate your ultimate before the server tells you your ult is ready, and thus gets bugged.

    I don't know why it hasn't been fixed yet after all this time.

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    And sadly it still hasn't been fixed. I noticed that someone posted about it in 2016 too about it else where.

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