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    "Unable to connect to Auth servers" While other friends can login no problem?

    Hi, I was playing Trove on Xbox One this morning, And i get a message "Customer service is currently logged into your character, please wait" Then, once that finished now whenever I try to login or play, it says " unable to connect to auth servers, Server might be down for maintanence"

    Well, I asked my friend to logout and try logging back in, and he's able to get in no problem. And I don't have my account linked to my Trion account yet, so i don't have any possible e-mails to check and see if maybe i'd been banned or something.

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    Since the console account isn't linked we'll need you to email appeals@trionworlds.com and include your gamer tag name. We can't check to see if there is a ban or suspension without that info and if it's not that, they can put you in queue with regular customer support.
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