Time: Thursday, November 16th, at 7:45 PM GMT
Context: I looked at how many days needed to get the next badge.
Expected: I expected to see a value of days logged in / needed days.
Observed: I saw it say "max consecutive days logged in" instead.
Repro Steps:
1. Unlock Diamond Consecutive Days logged in.
2. View the badge in collections.

For context the Diamond Consecutive Days logged in Badge unlocked when I logged in, giving me the Striding StarChaser Mount, however the Obsidian Badge is not unlocked (as it should be) and I don't know how many days I need to get for it to unlock to give me the Midnight Mantle Wings as it states "max consecutive days logged in" despite not being correct.

This is also on the latest PS4 version, version 1.15 Trove Adventures.