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Thread: Celestine Court is looking for recruits. Fight for the Sun Goddess today!

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    Celestine Court is looking for recruits. Fight for the Sun Goddess today!

    We're an up and coming club looking for active players who want a friend by their side to tackle the world of Trove!

    Celestine Court has been my own personal club that my friends and I have used since 2015 to help us play together, but things are changing now! With the advent of the Clubventure update we're looking to expand into something truly grand, and we want you to be a part of it! Our players log on daily, farm U8/U9, run hard/ultra mode shadow towers, party up in PvP, and grind resources together. Everything is better with a friend by your side!

    We've attained the coveted Club LvL 7! With the new utility slot we bought a Tier 2 Repose of Heroes, a fixture that allows collect 5 gem quests to spawn. If you're worried that you'll never be able to get adventurine now that the farms are patched than we are the club for you! The collect 5 gem quests that we see pay out 51-71 adventurine just for getting 5 gem boxes! Wowie zowie, Batman! That's a load of club buxx!

    If you want to be a part of a mid-game club that's progressing along steadily then look no further. We have an active cast of characters that log on daily and play the game together just waiting to meet you. Head down below for an invite link to our Discord or add me in-game @Demisedulous!

    Club LvL 7
    Fixtures List
    • Tier 3 Clubit Vault
    • Tier 2 Rally of Heroes
    • Tier 3 Travelling Merchant
    • Tier 2 Repose of Heroes
    • Tier 3 Shrine of Skill

    We even have a Discord now for easier chatting outside of Trove! I announce events there and other club milestones. You can also join and ask me for an invite ingame! Here's the invite link:


    If this kind of club interests you, read this section for info on how to be invited!!

    Add me ingame if you'd like to join, my IGN is Demisedulous! You can also reply to this thread to get a hold of me outside of Trove or join the discord listed above. I look forward to meeting you!

    Don't think you'd make the cut? Nonsense! We accept anyone and everyone and only kick blatant trolls or extended inactivity (around 1 month). Take the plunge and try us out, the more players we get the stronger we'll become!

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    Bump, added new info to the OP as well. We're still looking!

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    Bump. We've hit club lvl 5 and are still looking for members so I've updated the OP.
    Here's pictures of our fixtures. :> T3 Merchant and T3 Crit Shrine!

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    can I be invited

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimidestShip2 View Post
    can I be invited
    Definitely! Just add me in-game and I'll invite you as soon as I can. If you're having trouble getting a hold of me you can join the discord and ping me, but that's not necessary to join at all.

    What's your IGN?

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