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Thread: club quest reward broken

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    club quest reward broken

    I see a lot of post on that matter and I am also afflicted by this problem. A lot of players do not, when completing club quest, receive adventurine. The system state after the completion, that we have reached the maximum amount of quest reward for the day.

    It would be nice to have an update from the devs on that subject as the Chats are going crazy. I Would liketo know how to awnser my member other than, it's broken.

    Here is some info I have noticed on my end.

    - Being the President, I am representing my club, by default.
    - I am not able, even with some clubits (48 clubits) in the club bank, to wake a hero (25 Clubits). (grey option)
    - IF I recall, the problem was mentioned on pts during the test phase

    If anyone have more info on the matter, please post so we can resolv that problem faster.

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    I have the same problem... I'v been completing quest all morning the club did get xp but I didn't get any Adventurines...

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