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Thread: how do you lvl up your club?

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    Question how do you lvl up your club?

    so just finished looking at the new update, and the only thing I have a question is how to lvl your club up

    I am not the owner so idk if I need to be the owner or president to be the one to get the rally of hero's placed in the club, or if we need to lvl it up from lvl 1

    so the big question is how do I lvl up the club from 0 to 1 to be able to get the rally of hero's or I am missing something?

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    You have to have people do Quest that they take specifically from your fixtures. Every time anyone does a quest that was given to them by an NPC that they met you in your Club, your club will get experience. The more members you have the higher the requirement for level 1.

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